Getting involved

Like many of the community gardens around Newcastle, the Carrington Community Garden is located on public land and is therefore shared with the whole community. Our garden is open to everyone who wants to share in the joy of fresh produce, community spirit and making new friends.

To get to know the garden and the regular gardeners we ask that you come along to a working bee. Working bees are held on the 1st SUNDAY of each month from 8.30 am in summer and 9am for the rest of the cooler months. That way you can be shown around the garden and introduced to the basic principles of the garden. We will hold a feast of some description after the working bees so we can chat, mingle and share in the fruits of our labour.

We do ask that you follow basic common sense when using tools and consider the safety of others around the garden. We ask that the garden is respected and shared amongst the whole community. If you would like to enjoy the fruits of the garden don’t forget to put in a small amount of labour to assist the other gardeners – Many hands make light work!!

The Carrington Community Garden is an organic garden so we ask that gardeners use natural pest and insect deterrents and an approach the garden with an organic frame of mind! We are only too happy to teach people about organic gardening. If you are unsure please ask first.

Please consider becoming a member of the Carrington Bowling Club as they have supported us a great deal and we would like to return the favour. It will also help to keep the great community spirit of the club alive!

The garden has a formal committee that worked hard to get the garden off the ground. If you would like to help out in the organisation of the garden email us at for more information.

We look forward to meeting you and sharing in your gardening knowledge, stories and friendship.


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