Christmas 2012

It has been a while since I last updated the page!!

The garden is looking fabulous at the moment with the new fence and long garden bed running along filled with corn, cucumber, tomatoes, sunflowers and beans!

we also finally got rid of the dirt mound! thank goodness I hear you say!  we now have a mini mount Carrington with a grapefruit tree and magnolia tree on top! this is in early stages of development the tree and plants are just getting established!

During the course of the year we noticed the number of people coming to working bees dwindled a lot so the working bee will be changed to sunday to try increase numbers! working bees will be on the <2nd sunday of every month at 9am

This will commence in December for our Christmas party on the 9th December 9am our party will be combined with the Carrington tennis club and the Carrington bowling club who is fabulously donating the snags for the party!!

so bring gardening gear, tennis gear if you fancy a hit and some change for a drink at the club!!

see you then!!








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